Sunday, July 17, 2016

5 Free & Nifty Ways to Improve Addition Fact Fluency

Are you looking for engaging games and activities to help your students develop fluency with adding basic facts? Do you have students who require frequent practice to learn and apply addition fact strategies? If the answer is yes to either question, the plethora of resources included in my Addition Fact Strategy Games & Activities might be the perfect solution. You can sample five of those activities for free!

This free sample, Three in a Row partner game, is perfect for applying the Count Up/ On strategy with first and second graders who are developing addition fact fluency.

1. Three in a Row- Count Up 3 is a partner game for applying the Count Up/ On addition fact strategy. Materials needed to play are one game board per player, number cards 3-9 (2-4 sets), and markers to cover your numbers. I just happened to find these team football cards amongst my husband's sports memorabilia but all you need is a regular deck of cards! Further explanations and directions for each game and activity are included in the free sample.

This free sample, Spin a Strategy partner game, is designed for discriminating between the Add 0, Count Up, and Doubles addition fact strategies. It is ideal for use with first and second grade students who are developing addition fact fluency.

2. Spin a Strategy is another partner game that requires discriminating between three strategies; Add 0, Count Up, and Doubles. One game sheet, two crayons of different colors, a paper clip, and a pencil are needed to play.

Can I Use This Strategy?, a free sample activity for applying the Make 10 addition fact strategy, is perfect for first and second graders.

3. Can I Use This Strategy? Make 10 is an activity which can be completed by individuals, partners, or small groups. Each student will need their own recording sheet. Four sets of numbers 1-10 (ace as 1) are needed. Students can be expected to complete this activity in different ways, depending on their reasoning ability and skill level with decomposing numbers.

This free sample, Find, Color, Tally, & Graph, is a great way for first and second grade students to discriminate between the Doubles, Make 10, and Doubles + 1 addition fact strategies.

4. Find, Color, Tally & Graph (Doubles, Make 10, Doubles + 1) is an individual activity for discriminating between strategies. Print the two pages, add crayons, and a pencil and you're all set! The miniature wooden bat is a baseball team souvenir which I found hidden in a cabinet filled with baseball memorabilia. Based on the team name, I can only surmise that it was a gift given to my husband at least  25 years ago!

Color the Sum- Add 10, a free sample game for partners or small groups, is ideal for first and second graders who are developing fluency with addition fact strategies.

5. Color the Sum is a partner game or small group game that focuses on the Add 10 strategy. Each player needs their own paper. Use cards 1-9 (an ace for 1) from a deck of cards, 1 set per player.

These Free Addition Fact Strategy Games and Activities are just a sample of what's available in the complete Addition Fact Strategy Games & Activities resource available in my TpT store. The full resource includes baseball themed number cards along with:

Games and Activities For Applying Single Strategies

  • 9 Strategy Puzzles, one for each addition fact strategy
  • 9 Color the Sum games, one for each strategy with additional variations for dice, cards, and spinners
  • 11 Three in a Row game boards, one for each strategy with some variations for dice and cards
  • 9 Can I Use This strategy? recording sheets, one for each strategy

Games and Activities For Discriminating Between Strategies

  • 3 sets of Roam the Room or task cards
  • 8 Spin a Strategy game sheets
  • 8 Find, Color, Tally, & Graph activities

This sports themed resource includes a variety of games and activities designed to reinforce basic addition fact strategies with first and second graders. These are a perfect complement to my other addition fact strategy resources. $

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