Tuesday, August 29, 2017

6 Reasons Why You Need to Try Digital Task Cards

Are you looking for more ways to incorporate digital resources into your classroom instruction? Boom CardsTM are interactive, digital task cards that can help fill this need.

Check out this post about the advantages of using digital task cards in your classroom. Try the free school themed phonological awareness deck, perfect for kindergarten and first grade literacy!
Styled Image by Speech Language Pirates

Boom Cards:

  1. save you time by eliminating the need to print, laminate, and cut task cards
  2. work on a variety of devices including interactive whiteboards, computers, and tablets with modern browsers (released in the last three years)
  3. support individualized instruction
  4. provide immediate feedback for student responses
  5. can be used at school or home
  6. generate student reports and data for you
Boom LearningSM is a growing site with new options being developed and added on a regular basis. I have barely dipped my toes in and am excited about all the possibilities!

There are membership options that allow you to purchase decks, create private decks just for your class, or create decks to sell. 

You can find free sets on the Boom Learning site or on Teachers Pay Teachers (hosted on the separate Boom Learning site) to try with your students. 

You will find many of the Boom Cards digital task card products on TpT also include printable resources giving you flexible instructional options. 

Boom Cards can be used for instruction with a whole class or small group. They can also be used independently by students as a center, station, or early finisher activity.

This is a set of 20 free school-themed digital phonological awareness task cards for counting one, two, and three syllables. Simply name the picture, clap the syllables, and click on the correct number! This deck has a fixed sequence.

I have crafted a free kindergarten and first-grade phonological awareness resource for counting one, two, and three syllables. The main component of this school themed resource is a deck of 20 digital task cards hosted on the Boom Learning platform.

Syllable Counting at School, available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, also includes an optional recording sheet which can be used with the digital task cards, two Cup Craze mats, in color and black/ gray/ white, along with a recording sheet in two formats, mark the number and write the number. I added numbered circles, which can be printed and cut, to use if you prefer instead of cups.

Try out the Cup Craze activity with this free kindergarten and first grade phonological awareness resource for counting one, two, and three syllables.

The Cup Craze activity is ideal for individual or small group use. To use, choose color or black/ gray/ white. Print your mats on card stock and laminate for durability. Print, laminate, and cut the numbered circles, one set per participant, if using in place of cups. Print an optional recording sheet and any answer keys you are using.

You will need to provide a set of cups, plastic or paper with a two to three-ounce capacity, with a round bottom that can be written on for each participant. Turn the cups bottom up and use a super permanent marker to write the numbers 1, 2, and 3 three times each. One cup will be leftover.

The main component of this kindergarten and first grade phonological awareness free resource for counting one, two, and three syllables is a Boom CardsTM  deck of 20 digital task cards. These cards are hosted on a separate site, the Boom LearningSM  platform . This resource also includes a companion recording sheet, two different Cup Craze mats, in both color and black/ gray/ white, along with a recording sheet in two formats, mark the number and write the number.

Give each student a mat and a set of cups. They simply name the picture, count the syllables, and match a numbered cup (or circle) to the picture. They can mark or record their numbers on an optional recording sheet, on plain paper, or on a whiteboard.

Be sure to give Boom Cards digital task cards a whirl in your classroom! Mrs. Renz' Class has a wonderful tutorial to get you started.

I'd love to hear how you balance digital learning with hands-on and paper/ pencil instruction in your classroom.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Toss It! How to Actively Engage Your Students

Recently a teacher left a comment about one of my resources that had me pondering the possibilities. She was searching for "something to inspire struggling" learners. Granted, pencil and paper games and activities are certainly more motivating than practice with flash cards and worksheets but I always find incorporating physical activity into practice and review to be the bee's knees of motivation!

Imagine the pure joy exuded by a little fellow, new to our school and repeating first grade, when my co-worker and I set up a jungle walk complete with props (think river, rocks, trees, and stuffed animals) through the classroom as a review of positional concepts!

Use Toss It! to actively engage your first and second graders while adding and subtracting basic facts or two-digit numbers with multiples of ten.

Monday, June 26, 2017

How to Add a Sparkle to Summertime Learning

I don't know about you, but I'm always surprised when I think about the activities I engaged in as a child and (gasp...) survived unscathed!

The Fourth of July arrived with family cookouts, backyard games, homemade ice cream, military bands, parades, fireworks, and yes... plenty of sparklers for kids of all ages.

Add a little sparkle to summertime learning with this free American Flag Collect and Sort activity for preschool, kindergarten, and beginning first grade!
Sparkler Clip Art by SillyODesign